Schedule a Meeting to Review Your Website and Lead Conversion

Get the right people to step into your business, because you are providing the solutions that they need. I'll need a day or two in advance of our meeting to do my homework. We'll meet and talk over what you are doing well and what can improve. Whether you work with me or someone else, you'll have a plan, after reviewing the following:

  1. Your lead generation strategy, based on your website
  2. Utilization of your CRM, you'll have to give me some input on this topic
  3. Your content marketing based on what I see on your website
  4. Your website conversion opportunities. You might have content that could be used more strategically
  5. Your brand and how it supports your objectives, again this is a dialogue about where you are and where you want your brand to be

You might think of me as your in-house lead generation partner, working out-of-house. I replace or help support your existing marketing and sales people (Digital Marketing, Branding, and Website Design) with all of these skills under one roof.

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