The right marketing can lead to meaningful opportunities.

Successful small to medium-size firms sometimes have too few resources to achieve their marketing goals. Often, not everyone on the team has the strategic vision to meet those objectives.

Winning business in today’s world demands a careful mix of tactics–inbound marketing, SEO optimization, website development content marketing, social media, and marketing automation. It’s a lot to take in if you lack digital marketing expertise.

To drive marketing, you need to understand what you need to do to win business, which usually involves content marketing and digital design that delivers measurable value.

Marketing Planning-2

The right marketing can lead to meaningful opportunities.

What we do:

1. Document business strategy

  • We help you develop your business SMART goals
  • Understand who your Key market segments are
  • Do primary research, by interviewing your audience segments, creating buyer personas.

2. Evaluate your current state

  • Conduct a marketing SWOT analysis
  • Audit your website for conversion effectiveness
  • Review your website efficiency
  • Audit your content marketing

3. Create a strategic plan

  • Help set you marketing goals based on your objectives
  • Plan campaigns activities to meet your market where they are at in their buyer journey
  • Develop a quaified marketing and sales lead scorecard
  • Develop a content marketing plan to fulfill campaign activities

Take a Few Minutes to Review Your Lead Generation

I’ll review your current digital marketing, brand or website. I’ll tell you what’s working and what could be working harder to build your business.