A step-by-step approach to creating
what you need to build your business!

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The "More Through Your Door" Lead-Generating Workshop gives you the tools to build a complete marketing campaign

Use it as a template to update as you grow.

  • HubSpot Set-Up / Onboarding
  • Develop Buyer Personas, post in HubSpot
  • Develop a Buyer Journey
  • Create a Content Marketing Strategy
  • Develop campaign content (i.e. eBook)
  • Create and connect forms
  • Set up Website CTAs for Lead Conversion
  • Develop a Landing Page, Thank You Page, and Thank You Email
  • Build out lead-nurture email sequences
  • Build out workflows
  • Set up Campaign Quality Assurance
  • Launch a Campaign
  • Set up and review analytics

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Get results that you can measure when you create a More Through Your Door Lead Generating marketing campaign

  • The "More Through Your Door" Campaign is created using your HubSpot account.
  • We'll help you acquire the right-sized HubSpot account for your needs, and/or help you get onboarded.
  • A weekly assignment will help you focus on your work. And each week, your workbook will serve as a record of your progress. The refined contents of your "More Through Your Door" WorkBook will become your roadmap to your future campaign launches.
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You'll work step-by-step with me through this results-producing process

  • Live Workshops are held on Tuesdays from 3:00-4:00 pm PST recordings are made available if you are unable to attend live.
  • We'll be meeting with Zoom. These are online workshops with John.
  • We will archive each meeting with comprehensive video/audio recordings that you can reference later.
  • Friday Hot-Seat Coaching Session. In this office hours type of session, each Friday afternoon from 3:00-4:00 pm PST, we'll meet as a group for 60 minutes via Zoom. We’ll use this time for you to ask me questions to review your progress, problem-solve, and brainstorm

Get the online classes and access to all recordings

Your workshop workbook is online and always available


In 10 weeks, you can be ready to bring new leads through the door

Week 1

Introductory Phase

  • Getting Started - Overview
  • Creating Buyer Personas
  • Website Audit
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Week 2

Onboarding / Personas

  • Developing Buyer Personas
  • Account set-up Technical Phase - Part 1
  • Website Review
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Week 3


  • Finalizing Buyer Personas and adding them to HubSpot
  • Account set-up Technical Phase - Part 2
  • Website Updates
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Week 4


  • Create a Content Strategy
  • Mapping out your Buyer Journey
  • Website Updates
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Week 5


  • Content Marketing Phase
  • Campaign Content Creation
  • Set Up Lead capture and Conversion points on Website



Week 6

Content Marketing Creation

  • Campaign Content Creation (Ebook, Guides, White Papers, Surveys, Checklists)
  • Email Campaign

Week 7

Campaign Content Refinement

  • Email Campaign Refinement
  • Landing Page, Thank You Page
  • CTAs

Week 8

Create the Content Marketing Machine

  • Build out lead nurture emails / workflows
  • Connect forms
  • Quality Assurance (QA)

Week 9

Launch Campaign

  • Set up Dashboards
  • Launch Campaign
  • Inventory Campaign Structure and Assets

Week 10


  • Review Analytics through dashboards
  • Analytics from Lists
  • Plan for next campaign

How much does the
"More Through Your Door" workshop cost?

Option 1

1 payment

$4,580 USD

Option 2

6 monthy payments

$799 USD

per month for 6 months

Is This Workshop Right For You? Let's Talk About It.
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