Affinity Solutions drives better business outcomes for financial institutions and marketers, leveraging real-time and secure access into where and when consumers are spending across brands, categories, geographies and buying channels.


Brand Guidelines

We developed the Affinity Brand Guidelines. Like many companies, Affinity grew organically until they no longer had a clearly defined brand standard to apply to their many new channels of communications. We standardized the brand in an easy-to-follow guide. Feel free to download the Affinity Brand Manual and have a look around.



We took in information from multiple sources to come up with the best possible web design navigation solution as well as the graphic tone and manner of the website. You can see the full site at


Content Marketing Design

We were tasked with developing various content marketing vehicles, from data sheets, to PowerPoint presentations. This Partner Brief is made available for download.

Take a Few Minutes to Review Your Lead Generation

I'll review your current digital marketing, brand or website. I'll tell you what's working and what could be working harder to build your business