Green Street revamped the branding for College Admission Counselors (CAC) and the Gwen Bolden Youth Foundation (GBF). Part of the branding process involves having a conversation with key people such as stakeholders, counselors, parents, students and competitors about their thoughts and feelings regarding CAC and GBF.

CAC offers college/career coaching to help students and parents navigate the often confusing process of applying to college. Since no two students are the same, CAC will customize a plan to help each student stand out from the crowd. GBF is a newly acquired nonprofit for the CAC organization. GBF completes the educational spectrum from K-8.


Discovery Process.

In-person interviews were conducted with key stakeholders to reach an understanding of the current brand perceptions and equities of both College Admissions Counselors (CAC) and Gwen Bolden Youth Foundation (GBF). Key questions addressed the following areas:

  • How the two organizations are different from any other
  • The organizational strengths and weaknesses of both CAC and GBF
  • Key words and images that the organizations evoke

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