Green Street developed a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign to create awareness for Pasadena motorists and pedestrian safety. The primary focus of our mission is to bring to life the subject of safety. In doing so, we created Pasadena’s newest mascots, Otis (Office of Traffic Safety) and Dena (Pasadena).


Click Here to View the :30 TV Commercial

Green Street is well versed with television and video production. Our key personnel have more than 30 years of experience working with top ad agencies managing full budgets on national accounts, and we have brought this experience to the Pedestrian Safety Campaign.

Web Page

Consumers were encouraged to “join the conversation” by going to a website identified on a sticker. Once on the website, consumers could comment on pedestrian attitudes or driver characteristics by going to a Twitter feed that populated the thought bubbles on the website.

Social Media

An ecosystem of social media components allows consumers to comment and connect via Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. A YouTube PSA is also part of the strategy of getting consumers to the safety fact-filled Otis and Dena website.



Traditional out-of-home media reinforces the message.


Primary Research

Green Street prepared primary research on where the target audience lives, works and plays. This was mapped with GIS accuracy and became the basis for where street teams engaged consumers.

Measuring the Cost Per Interaction

Online metrics are being utilized to measure this interactive campaign. Detailed reporting for out-of-home materials (billboards, kiosks, bus shelters) that included information on locations, bus routes and frequencies becomes data that helps calculate the cost per interaction.

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