Brand Profile

We thought it was essential to get to the root of what makes Mark Tinoco different from his contemporaries.

We started developing a brand profile by interviewing Mark, his inner circle, then a broader swath of gallery owners, artist representatives, former clients, and art buyers to get a well-rounded view of where Mark could be different and appeal to potential new clients. We presented the results in a brand profile report.


Photo Shoot

Mark Tinoco has a unique process when creating his original artwork. We thought that the website should convey Mark painting utilizing the method. we brought in a top-notch photographer, Shannon Cottrell, to document the process.


Website and Videos

The website is designed to be a reference resource for Mark’s patrons. It explains his art technique in video format and in a text page. Of course, the website also has galleries of Mark’s work. See the full website here.


Marketing Assets

We put together a book, typically called a style guide, but updated with all of the necessary passcodes and details for Mark to quickly reference when extending his brand in the future.


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