Green Street took on the challenge of creating a brand for PWP (Pasadena Water & Power). PWP is Pasadena’s not-for-profit municipally owned utility serving over 80,000 residences and businesses.

PWP objectives include:

Increase community awareness as being known as a responsive and responsible community partner. Distinguish itself from other larger local entities like DWP & SoCal Edison. Engage its customers and spur an ongoing conversation regarding key initiatives and programs that will ultimately save energy, time and money.


Brand Discovery Process

Utilizing our Inside/Out Brand Discovery process, we gathered information about the organization and compiled it in a Brand Discovery report.


Brand Analysis

With buy-in from our client on the Brand Discovery report, we moved on to the Brand Analysis component, where we made informed decisions about PWP’s position in the marketplace that rang true to the organization; the Brand Analysis includes the brand personality, promise and essence, culminating in a tag line that everyone agrees upon.


Brand Ideation

With a solid brand foundation in place, we were able to measure possible branding solutions against the brand profile in order to develop the most effective creative ideas.

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