VisibilityOne is preparing for a product launch. They have a new technology that they want to introduce to as many customers as possible. For this to happen, our copywriter started with a clear understanding of the Buyer Persona and technology, then wrote the messaging. We then applied messaging and graphics for the email campaign. Next, we developed the messaging and graphics for the website.



As the branding expert, we developed the brand voice. Then we developed images and graphics that consistently reflected the brand. After setting up, we worked out the integrations for forms and CTAs.

We developed several directions for the email campaign that included emails with graphics and icons to expand on the branded visual language. we built out the automated email campaign.

With this project, we also developed the trade show banners and flyers. Other content marketing included a white paper and product sheet, in addition to a PowerPoint template, all reflecting the brand voice.



The website launch is happening within the next week or two as of this writing, so we don’t know the metrics of the launch as of yet. However, we do have a happy client who said “ Green Street helped us get the Digital Marketing for our tech company launch, up and going with refining our website, and email marketing campaign. They also helped us develop brand assets for trade shows and presentations. I would definitely use them again.”

Von Bedikian
Co-founder, CRO

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