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5 Reasons Why Your Marketing May Be Doing More Harm Than Good


First impressions are everything. The way you present your firm can influence, positively or negatively, how your potential buyers or clients perceive you. That’s why what you post on the Internet merits close consideration. Since all of your online content marketing tactics, like eBooks, case studies, and blogs, can be shared with the click of a button, it’s more important than ever to be vigilant about the image you’re projecting.

Couple this with the fact that people spend an average of .1 second on a Web page before deciding whether to stay or go, and the stakes become even higher.

  1. No different than personal appearance, your audience will make assumptions about you based on the look and feel of your brand. Make sure your online image is in alignment with your brand strategy.
  2. Are you speaking with the same voice? The last thing you want is to come across sounding harsh, or even worse a faceless, indifferent corporate monolith. Your content marketing strategy should spell out your tone and attitude.
  3. Check your self-centered attitude at the door. Show interest in your customer’s problems and offer solutions before talking about yourself. What are their business objectives, aspirations, and frustrations? How can your product or service help? If you make a genuine connection, prospects are more likely to want to do business with you.
  4. Listen well. Monitor your social media and quickly respond when you are mentioned in a post. Do you also offer easy ways for prospective buyers to start a conversation with you? Consider providing email forms, phone numbers, and a space where they can tell you what’s on their mind.
  5. Do you look credible? How does your website stack up against your competitors. When someone looks you up on the Web, they will decide whether to do business with you or someone else. It’s just a fact. 85% of B2B customers search the web before making a purchase decision.

People do judge a book by its cover – and in this case, by your online presence