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Do you need a brand presence when selling something everyone has to buy?

Utilities have a captive audience who never thinks about them every time they flip on the light switch. That’s exactly why we’re working with Pasadena Water & Power (PWP).

Green Street Ads is proud to announce that PWP has chosen us to create a new branding campaign.  And we can’t wait to make sure this community resource is familiar to everyone who depends on the services it provides.

In a time when resources are increasingly precious and technological advances are happening every day, we think it’s really important that this public utility enjoy an identity that communicates the promise they strive to fulfill. We’re rolling up our sleeves and delivering brand discovery, positioning and key messages. Then extending the brand platform by developing a new identity and tagline, deploying it across corporate identity, trucks and signage, and a new marketing campaign.

We look forward to sharing the new PWP campaign very soon. In the meantime, make sure you turn off that light when leaving a room.