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Everyone in a Lean Startup Should Learn How to Code.

I suppose Green Street is now a Tech Startup with our GeoBrand product and our company now part of the Incubator program at the Business Technology Center of Los Angeles County. The author of the article, a brilliant guy named Antonio Rodriguez points the finger right at guys like me when he talks about a marketing person hooked on making a change.
“Then there are the basic tweaks to the presentation tier— usually simple HTML changes that almost anyone can do. Or changes to any of the other types of templates that generate the stuff that goes to your customers. In my mind, this is the gateway drug to turning the least technically minded person into a hacker. Get a decent marketing person hooked on making a change and directly seeing the effect in production and they will most likely be hooked. I bet you've never thought of Django's template library as the marijuana to scripting's cocaine.
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Around the office, our team has set me up with Word Press so that I can blog away. I even learned how to make a line break using <br/> as code within text. I thought I was doing well. But what I know about coding amounts to the first day of High School Spanish, I should know more having grown up in the neighborhood I did, but there you have it. The author makes a great point about the separation between “business” things and “technology” things. He further states that we should break down this distinction and follow best practices of being a “Lean” start-up by everyone knowing how to code. with this in mind we can tighten the loop of implementing, deploying, testing, measuring and fixing product features. Well I’m on the trail to learning more of this new language everyday, scary and uncomfortable, but not bad for a marketing person.