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Patricia Moody, Blue Heron Press, Talks about 3M Hairballs

Patricia Moody posted a WSJ story on LinkedIn
She posted "How to map a supply chain"

With such product variety and process complexity, it must have been quite a task to find common production processes and machines.

3M Begins Untangling Its 'Hairballs' -

Great discussion point. My response is: I bring a different perspective to solving the problem of Hairballs. Complex problems often are displayed through data in spreadsheets but can be better solved with visual solutions that reveal patterns relationships and resources. Let me explain. One of our global clients’ frustration was hiring design consultants to transform tedious spreadsheets of business data, (such as: supply chain operations, service or sales centers, warehouse or inventory locations, a production process, or other company assets) with no graphic appeal or company graphic standards, into visually compelling documents any staff member worldwide could utilize while maintaining corporate design guidelines,”

The solution that evolved, GeoBrand, is the first-ever Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping platform with custom branding capabilities, also helps explain “Concept of Operations”.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how our new application might be applicable to hairballs or not?