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Visual Identity & Brand Strategy

In a Visual Identity & Brand Strategy project, the Green Street team creates a visual identity that includes everything from strategy development to an organization’s logo. Our project development is informed by research to better understand your organization, how your key audiences perceive you, as well as the visual identity of your competitors. So when Green Street was approached to Re-Brand , Community Care At Home, an organization that is doing vital work in the Los Angeles area, we jumped at the chance.

Re-Branding for a Worthy Organization

Green Street was asked to re-brand a dynamic non-profit organization, Community Care At Home, that provides a critical service in our very own back yard of Los Angeles. Needless to say, we jumped at the opportunity to work with them!

In a Visual Identity & Brand Strategy project, our team creates an organizational identity that is found through key audience and stakeholder research, logo development, and competitor research.  After we high-fived each other, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Starting Fresh.

We started by reviewing everything that Community Care At Home had done so far; their brand positioning, their current strategy to engage with their audience, logos, communications material, and of course, their competitor’s material as well.

Green Street found ways for the company to better resonate with their audience. We recommended they stress the benefit-driven aspects of , Community Care At Home, which allows seniors to enjoy being surrounded by the ones they love and the comfort of their own home while receiving top notch healthcare.  Previously, they simply stressed the straight-forward service of bringing caregivers into the home.

Green Street then reworked the logo, increasing the prominence of the home and updating the dynamic imagery. Then, for all marketing and communications material, the photography emphasized the interaction of family members and seniors. This was done to further reinforce the idea that caregivers supporting seniors allows for more interaction amongst loved ones.

With a good strategic foundation in place, both Green Street and , Community Care At Home are proud of the results and are working together to extend the re-branding to a completely new website, all business collateral, and community engagement programs.

Doing It For You.

Re-branding is done to bring more customers to your doorstep, so that you can focus on your company, products, and people rather than worrying about your image. John Espinoza and the Green Street team is available around the clock to develop branding for organizations ready to make the next big leap in engaging with their customers. In the branding packages below, Green Street Advertising will map out a step-by-step strategy to help you make your next year the best ever.

BrandDiscovery Package

The Green Street team crafts a unique brand strategy and tailored messages that resonate with your organization’s audiences. We review your existing name, logo, and communication materials.
$ Contact us for pricing.

BrandDevelopment Package

Green Street provides three stand alone collateral pieces (e.g. three unique one page ads or three banner ads).  This will be in line with the overall business strategy behind your established brand, and ensure the long-term, consistent implementation and management of the brand.
$ Contact us for pricing.

BrandStaging Package

Green Street provides three templates (three unique templates for one page ads) for inclusion into your BrandGen platform* BrandGen is an enterprise software solution allowing you to create business advertising material on the fly, communicate more effectively, and save costs across your business. Now you use these templates to create tailored marketing material whenever you need it.
$ Contact us for pricing.

* BrandGen platform required for implementation.