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Why aren’t clients knocking down the door when some businesses use social media?

For all small business owners today, there is a direct and accountable way to engage in innovative marketing and drive sales through the roof: social media. While some companies use these tools effectively, most do not. Using social media blindly and hoping for sales is simply not enough.

In a recent study by Vertical Response Marketing, the most time-consuming exercise for small business owners using social media simply is finding and posting content relevant to their business and customers.  55% of small businesses have a blog, 45% of these businesses spend 1-3 hours to create a blog post, and a staggering 16% spend 3+ hours to create a single blog post. With so much time, money and energy put into this, small business owners often want to stop using social media as a marketing tool because the results of their arduous efforts are disappointing. The fact is that many businesses don’t know how to effectively use social media.

Owners who look for immediate business results when blindly using social media marketing are often short sighted and under-utilizing easily accessible social media tools. Only 36% use paid analytic or scheduling tools to both engage and measure user responses. This leaves most business owners without a clear picture of what’s working, or what social media channels are actually worth the effort. Smart business owners use social media tools such as HootSuite to track, schedule, and analyze their social media efforts. These are the successful small business owners who can effectively shed light on which activities are bringing in new clients or creating more sales.

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