• UTi Logistics Worldwide

    Branding Campaign and Annual Report

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  • City Of Pasadena

    Advertising & Public Outreach with Social Media Campaign

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  • GeoBrand

    Simplifying Custom Mapping

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  • Center For Contract Compliance

    Business to Consumer Branding

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  • Orange County Transit Authority

    Brand Development Campaign and Software Development

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Our Recent Work


Brand Development

Green Street is providing ongoing branding to JVS organization and its programs and services. JVS Los Angeles offers hope and opportunity to a diverse community through job training, mentoring and education, combined with expert career guidance, employer partnerships and comprehensive resources, transforming lives and empowering individuals to achieve dignity and independence.

City of Pasadena

Advertising & Public Outreach with Social Media Campaign

Green Street developed a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign to create awareness for Pasadena motorists and pedestrian safety. The primary focus of our mission is to bring to life the subject of safety. In doing so, we created Pasadena’s newest mascots, Otis (Office of Traffic Safety) and Dena (Pasadena).


New client Silk Road provides project in both English and Farsi

Green Street is proud to announce that we have developed brand identity and communications materials for Silk Road Mining & Logistics. Silk Road chose Green Street because of our branding capabilities and multicultural sensitivity towards global projects. Silk Road is a company focused on helping emerging nations by developing commerce and contributing to socially responsible projects.

When developing branding for Silk Road, the Green Street creative team developed a few new skills along the way. We were tasked with developing brochures in English, then transforming the brochures into Dari, a dialect of Farsi. The resulting Dari brochure layouts flowed opposite of English, from right to left, with the text also flowing in the Arabic direction. One of our staff members commented “the experience was like driving a right-handed car on the opposite side of the street, and in reverse.”  Green Street learned a few new dance steps on this initial project and is looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Silk Road.

GeoBrand is an intuitive web based system that takes your location data and helps you create a professional, customizable and dynamic GeoMap with your company's branding.

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Green Street wins PRSA Award of Excellence for Annual Report

I’m honored to get the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Award of Excellence for the Annual Report I designed …

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